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Erik Dobell: A Performer’s View Of The Business of Show Business

Professional Mentalist Erik Dobell is one half of the entertainment troupe Impossibilities. A student of human psychology, silliness and all things frivolous, he’s not only an entertainer, but a man on mission.

Sanjay Pandaram: Leaving Mistakes Behind To Create Business Brilliance

Sanjay Pandaram is the Founder of Tradie Classifieds. Tradie Classifieds is the online hub for consumers and for professional tradespeople in Sydney, Australia. Tradie Classifieds connects homeowners needing work done to their homes or property, with carefully vetted professionals that have great reputations for quality and service, and in the process he manages to make both sides of the transaction happy.

Antonio McCoy: A Lesson That Shows You How To Go From $12 To $950 Per Hour Play in new window | DownloadAntonio McCoy is the President and CEO of mcHoward Business Coaching. A business coach who works with both small business owners and entrepreneurs, Antonio has a keen ability to translate advanced business concepts into understandable insights for his clients, helping them reach their goals. Tell us about your company […]

Blanca Cobb: She Speaks Your (Body) Language

Blanca Cobb is the CEO of Truthblazer. She is an nationally-recognized body language and non-verbal communications expert, who uses her behavior analysis expertise and psychology background to get to the truth. Blanca is an in-demand media guest, speaker and coach who breaks down the complexities of human behavior to help people succeed in life.

She’s been featured on HLN’s Dr Drew on Call, Good Morning America, CNN, USA Today, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and now Small Business Cool.